Dr. Trishna Shukla
Asst. Prof. Seema Vora

The Mission Green Committee works with the objective of raising environmental awareness and values among the youth so that they can respect the environment and carry forward the responsibility towards nurturing nature. With this aim, the committee conducted various activities in the college.

  1. The Committee selected (number of students) students as Environment Ambassadors.
  2. The activities included Poster Making Competition, screening of Environmental Documentary, Poem and Slogan Writing.
  3. On the occasion of 150th Gandhi Jayanti, the Committee organised several activities such as Rally, Guest Lectures, Plantation, Drive to curb the use of plastic bags, and Cloth bags distribution. Posters Making was conducted on the topics: “i`Foh Øks/k esa gS”, flQZ vk¡[k esa cpsxk ikuh] iVk[kksa ls çnw”k.k jfgr okrkoj.k”. Self-written poems and slogans included topics: “ç—fr vkSj ge ,oa i;kZoj.k laj{k.k, Banners in the rally were based on “iaprRo.

Topic of the guest lecture was “xka/kh fopkj: i;kZoj.k lrÙk fodkl. Environmental Documentaries “How the Earth was formed?” and “dqnjr ds dgj dh vkgV were shown. Knowledge Gallery Poster Presentation included posters on “i`Foh Øks/k esa gS and “Mission Green- Go Green”.               

  1. The committee also displayed posters in Knowledge Gallery Exhibition on Science Day.
  2. Cleanliness Drive was organised by the committee in the College campus which included Cleaning practical labs, placing dustbins in the classes and litterbins in the institution.
  3. Mission Green Committee awarded Environment Ambassadors with badges, mementos and certificates during the prize distribution. Committee also presented the Principal, various HODs and non-teaching staff with “Environment Well-wisher” mementos and certificates for their excellent work in plant c
  4. “Environment Conservation” flex and slogans with the messages “le; dh iqdkj gS dh gekjs vewY; iaprRoks dh /kjksgj dk iks”k.k djs u dh Hk{k.k”, were displayed in the Conference Room, Library, and other places in the college.