- Shri Narendrabhai.G.Patel  ( President, Shri Gujarati Samaj, Indore )

Shri Gujarati Samaj,Indore has been doing pioneering work in the field of school and college education. Among its many colleges, PMB Gujarati Science College has the reputation of being a renowned science college of the state. With a teaching staff that is experienced and qualified, the college is known for its well equipped laboratories. Sports facilities, NCC and NSS units, departmental activities, the cultural activities, the annual magazine , all reflect the objectives of the college. Keeping the spirit high to provide the best possible to our students should be our aim and focus always.


- Shri Pankaj Bhai Sanghvi ( Secretary , Shri Gujarati Samaj, Indore )

In the field of education, Shri Gujarati Samaj, Indore started with a vision and has never lost sight of it in its journey. All institutions being spearheaded by the Samaj are keeping the momentum going, with PMB Gujarati Science College being a renowned science college. The purpose of education is not only imparting knowledge,but also fostering character and personality development. I hope that we will continue to provide good citizens to our society who are knowledgeable and responsible. The future belongs to the youth. They have to take this nation ahead and we as educationists have the responsibility of mentoring them and preparing them for the future.

- Shri Bharat Bhai Bavisi ( Chairman, GB )

PMB Gujarati Science College is a prestigious science college of not only the city but also the state of Madhya Pradesh. It has been known for the quality of education imparted and the efforts made on all fronts for developing students on all fronts. In this way the college has always carried forward the vision of Shri Gujarati Samaj,Indore. I have been chairman of the Governing Body of the College on two occasions, this being the second time,and I wish to see the college grow further. For this we need to work as a team to provide the best to our students. It is academic enhancement that will take the college to new heights and we must all continue to strive in this direction.

- Dr. Kiran Dixit ( PRINCIPAL)

The purpose of imparting education is to ignite minds and create noble citizens and it is a continuous process. This is the motto of PMB Gujarati Science College. The college is proud to be carrying forward the ideals of Shri Gujarati Samaj,Indore by continuing to uphold the vision with which the Samaj had been established. Since its foundation, the college has grown, and has now six PG and ten UG departments. The college boasts of experienced faculty members,well- equipped laboratories, ventilated classrooms, a rich library, playground, and two wooden badminton courts, apart from a gymnasium. We uphold gender parity and are ragging free college. The college is known for its regular theory and practical classes and various activities for all – round development of our students. Our NCC Air Wing and NCC Infantry Wing Units, as well as NSS Unit are our pride. We publish an annual college magazine and a quarterly newsletter ‘Perihelion’. Our aim is to make a stronger, self- reliant India, by empowering youth through quality education and opportunities for personality development